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April 10, 2018 Houston, Texas

The research is in, and it’s undeniable. Having professional coaching tools in your tool box is essential for anyone who works with people.

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Fall 2018

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Fall 2018 Houston, Texas

Does it seem impossible to be able to sell in a way that honors your need to get business and respects the clients’ desires at the same time? In traditional selling it is nearly impossible In SoulFull Selling it is completely possible.

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Part coaching, part rant, part comedy, very provocative, and all value—The Friday Client Call. The free-for-all, no-holds-barred, Mattison-unleashed discussion of personal development, sales, marketing, entrepreneurship, business, leadership, coaching…

In House Training: LeaderBuild—Professional Coaching Tools for Results Driven Leaders

Winter 2018

The research is in, and it’s undeniable. Having professional coaching tools in your tool box is the most effective, leverageable and impactful thing you can do for your career.

Absolutely Insightful and ready to put to use NOW!

Such an eye opening review as is challenges the shallowness and potentially destructive fruit of compliments vs acknowledgment! I put it to use before I was done with the book. This is a game changer. Motivation has always been a quarter fed gumball machine with very quick diminishing returns if positive return at all. I love how the authors present this.


The Motivation Myth

You may be using language that limits performance.

This book shatters a myth…
one you probably don’t even know exists.

That myth is that compliments, praise, and appreciation motivate people.

Contrary to what you have been led to believe these communication tools are an extremely unreliable way to improving people’s performance and results.

If you are not getting the result you want in business, sales, interpersonal relationships the issue might be the language you are using.

Fortunately there is something that works far better than compliments, praise, and appreciation and it works everywhere: from parenting to the boardroom, from leadership to friendship, from coaching to relationships..

Acknowledgement is the cure for underperformance, lack of self-confidence and ineffective motivation techniques.

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Other Resources

Mattison and Jonathan talk about how acknowledgment applies to relationships. Click here: Master the New Relationship Language



A fresh perspective

I have read multiple motivation books as well as books that instruct on creating positive personal interaction with both friends and business associates. This book teaches the best way to really speak honestly.

Acknowledgement amounts to clear statements of truth. In the pursuit to be a person of integrity it is a constant struggle to remove my tones of judgement out of my communication. Jonathon and Mattison do a great job here with examples and knowledge of just how to do that.

In summary, as I have begun to use the techniques of acknowledgement I realize it comes down to limiting my conversation to shorter, more clear statements. Proverbs says, even a fool looks wise when he keeps his mouth shut… my paraphrase.

Good read!


The Motivation Myth is a winner!

This book gave me a new level of awareness regarding how to motivate my kids, family, friends, colleagues, etc. Great information!



I used to love giving out compliments and praise. I was often bewildered by the response I got from people I genuinely cared about. Some felt manipulated and judged even when I was offering them what I thought was hart felt appreciation. This book brings to light what was happening in these situations and offers an easy, gentle, solution free of any judgments that often get interpreted as negative. I have never read about or heard anything like it before. I found acknowledgment to be easy and fun to do with everyone from over worked store employees to long term clients. I no longer feel awkward in conversations fishing about in my memory looking for what I hope is the right complement for the right situation. I found also that it has worked particularly well on myself! It is a great way to change your internal dialog toward thinking positively about yourself. I now look forward to doing the little tasks that I used to find irritating to the important business calls I make. This book is clear, to the point, and easy to read.

In 35+ combined years of experience working with people in all sorts of environments we have not seen anything else that can create self-confidence, improve performance and catalyze people into inspired action the way that acknowledgement can. Simply put, acknowledgement is the language of results!

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“This book is like none other I have read. The concepts presented really make you think. Be prepared to have life long notions shattered and to be challenged to try something new.”