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April 10, 2018 Houston, Texas

The research is in, and it’s undeniable. Having professional coaching tools in your tool box is essential for anyone who works with people.

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Does it seem impossible to be able to sell in a way that honors your need to get business and respects the clients’ desires at the same time? In traditional selling it is nearly impossible In SoulFull Selling it is completely possible.

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In House Training: LeaderBuild—Professional Coaching Tools for Results Driven Leaders

Winter 2018

The research is in, and it’s undeniable. Having professional coaching tools in your tool box is the most effective, leverageable and impactful thing you can do for your career.

What’s Love Got to Do With It?

In High Performance…It’s Everything.
Last night the Boston Red Sox won the 2013 World Series of Baseball. Even if you don’t follow or care about baseball, something pretty amazing happened with this team.

In 2012, the Red Sox had the worst record in all of baseball. Finishing last — dead last with 69 wins and 93 losses on the season. This year in 2013, they won the World Series and thus became the best team in baseball. A remarkable turnaround by all accounts. So what the heck happened? Love happened. Yes, love. Last night in a post-game interview, Dustin Pedroia, one of the team’s leaders was asked what was going on with this team, how did they create this huge turn around and amazing season? His answer was profound and quite a surprise.

He said…

“We all love each other, that’s why we are here.”


Wait one minute. Did he say love? Oh yes he did. This burly, rough and tumble baseball player with a Duck Dynasty beard is talking about love with millions of people watching? Yep, and he is on to something.

So what does love have to do with high performance? Everything.

It’s an essential ingredient to all high performing teams and one that is often overlooked or flat out ignored in business. Sure, it’s risky, love ranks right up there with vulnerability as something people don’t want to talk about in a serious business. Well, baseball is serious business. The Red Sox had 336 million dollars in revenue in 2012.

Seems to me the big risk might be ignoring this powerful and important piece of the high performance puzzle. In business we are too busy trying to “fix” people with performance improvement plans, system upgrades and ineffective team-building training to notice the missing ingredient. LOVE.

Next time you’re tempted to try to fix someone, take a risk, love them and see what happens. You will be amazed at what love has to do with it.


5 comments to What’s Love Got to Do With It?

  • Elissa Schutz

    Never underestimate the power of love!
    Thank you for making this important point so often overlooked in business.

  • You’ve hit the nail on the head! Love has everything to do with it. The word “love” might seem a little strong but it drives passion and performance! Love makes everything seem possible.

  • It’s pretty guttsy to talk about love in business and say it out loud! I consciously cultivate love in my business – for my clients, interns, colleagues, etc. But I haven’t thought about love in the context of a team. Now that I look at it, my most successful collaborations and business relationships have the love element too. How can I consciously cultivate love in the teams I am a part of? Not just from me, but between others and for me. That’s exciting. Thanks for opening my eyes, mind and heart even more Mattison!

  • Wendy

    You got me to thinking about how Love is our highest calling. It’s Biblical. In John 15:12, Jesus said, “This is my commandment, that you love one another as I have loved you.” It makes sense that when we allow love into our environment, even in business, sports or wherever, everything blossoms. I think the key is to “allow” it into our environment because we oftentimes are conditioned to keep our emotions in check. Thank you, Mattison, for once again opening my eyes.

  • Love takes a lot of different forms. I think we tend to think we are not supposed to have that type of feeling in our business. It does make sense that this type of emotion is helpful in team building. Thanks for talking about this and reminding us that this type of emotion can be used in a professional setting!

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