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SoulFull Selling™

April 7, 2017 Houston, Texas

Does it seem impossible to be able to sell in a way that honors your need to get business and respects the clients’ desires at the same time? In traditional selling it is nearly impossible In SoulFull Selling it is completely possible.

Cracking the Acknowledgement Code

February 21, 2017

Based on the book The Motivation Myth and 15 years of experience working with and teaching acknowledgment, this workshop is five hours focused on just one thing: upgrading your communication to get better results with everyone, everywhere.

High Performers Retreat

Fall 2017

In House Training: LeaderBuild—Professional Coaching Tools for Results Driven Leaders

Summer 2017

The research is in, and it’s undeniable. Having professional coaching tools in your tool box is the most effective, leverageable and impactful thing you can do for your career.


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