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Coaching Tools for Leaders – Public Course

April 10, 2018 Houston, Texas

The research is in, and it’s undeniable. Having professional coaching tools in your tool box is essential for anyone who works with people.

High Performers Retreat

Fall 2018

SoulFull Selling™

Fall 2018 Houston, Texas

Does it seem impossible to be able to sell in a way that honors your need to get business and respects the clients’ desires at the same time? In traditional selling it is nearly impossible In SoulFull Selling it is completely possible.

Observations from the Field Call

First and Third Fridays

Part coaching, part rant, part comedy, very provocative, and all value—The Friday Client Call. The free-for-all, no-holds-barred, Mattison-unleashed discussion of personal development, sales, marketing, entrepreneurship, business, leadership, coaching…

In House Training: LeaderBuild—Professional Coaching Tools for Results Driven Leaders

Winter 2018

The research is in, and it’s undeniable. Having professional coaching tools in your tool box is the most effective, leverageable and impactful thing you can do for your career.

I recently hired Mattison to be the keynote presenter at our Annual Summit and the feedback from the participants has been outstanding. Working with experienced professionals who have seen everything, Mattison brought new concepts to the table with a highly impactful teaching style. Thank you, Mattison.
—Eric Lejeune
Principal, Stride Consulting


Mattison Grey speaks frequently and passionately about people, leadership, results, achievement, performance, sales and the emergence of people. Mattison is available to speak anywhere in the world. Mattison is also media trained and a great television and radio guest.

Mattison can speak on any of the topics below in a variety of formats: breakout session, short presentation, classroom session, or in-depth workshop customized to meet your group’s specific needs.

Speaking Topics

  • Leadership
  • Leadership Development
  • High Performance
  • Coaching
  • Selling
  • Marketing
  • Goal Achievement
  • Communication
  • Customer Service

Recently Presented:

The Motivation Myth

Why people underperform, and what to do about it

Mental Metal

Harnessing the power of attention and language to win the mind game and move from mediocre to masterful

The 4 A’s of Goal Achievement

Overcoming the limitations of traditional goal setting and implementing ideas to help others achieve their dreams

The Myth of Carrots and Sticks

Motivation is fleeting and punishment defeating. How to get the best out of other without threats, negotiation or motivational techniques

The Invisible Language of Results

How our language limits performance in others and ourselves


Can you hear me now? What you say is never what they hear, even though your communication seems completely clear to you. Learn why getting your message across is so challenging and how to say what you want them to hear.

Leaderbuild™ Coaching Tools for Leaders
The Language of Influence
Coaching for Goal Achievement
The Map to the Zone

More speaking testimonials

As program chair of ABWA Galleria chapter, it is my job to find speakers who will provide real value. Mattison was our kickoff speaker for 2009. She gave a unique and inspiring presentation on goal setting. Refreshingly not the same old stuff, but rather a unique and different viewpoint of much more use than the usual ‘goal setting is good’ variety. Everyone present benefitted from her talk. Clearly Mattison is a person with the ability to see processes deeply and clearly.
—Daniel Krohn
Owner, Law Office of Daniel Krohn

“I attended The Institute for Strengthening Families last month and fortunately was able to be a part of your presentation on April 12. This was far and away the best presentation I attended!“I love the spoken and written word, and am all about the semantics and subtle nuances of our language. After hearing you speak I was so inspired to take action. I would like to know what steps you believe I would need to take to make this work a part of my life.“Again, thank you for taking the time to share this information with us. In working for the Department of Child Services, I have already begun to reap the benefits with the knowledge you have imparted.”
—Barbara J. “BJ” Geraci
Family Case Manager
Indiana Department of Child Services, St. Joseph County

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I was fortunate to attend a summit this past week that featured Mattison as a speaker. She was totally engaging, personable, creative, and a clear expert on the subject of coaching. If you lead people through an organization, and want those people to do their best, consider Mattison as your guide. She is a great coach, with tremendous insight. Thanks Mattison!
—Alison Brandt
Ameriprise Financial Advisor