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Coaching Tools for Leaders – Public Course

April 10, 2018 Houston, Texas

The research is in, and it’s undeniable. Having professional coaching tools in your tool box is essential for anyone who works with people.

High Performers Retreat

Fall 2018

SoulFull Selling™

Fall 2018 Houston, Texas

Does it seem impossible to be able to sell in a way that honors your need to get business and respects the clients’ desires at the same time? In traditional selling it is nearly impossible In SoulFull Selling it is completely possible.

Observations from the Field Call

First and Third Fridays

Part coaching, part rant, part comedy, very provocative, and all value—The Friday Client Call. The free-for-all, no-holds-barred, Mattison-unleashed discussion of personal development, sales, marketing, entrepreneurship, business, leadership, coaching…

In House Training: LeaderBuild—Professional Coaching Tools for Results Driven Leaders

Winter 2018

The research is in, and it’s undeniable. Having professional coaching tools in your tool box is the most effective, leverageable and impactful thing you can do for your career.



Great Day HoustonMattison Grey was a guest on the January 11, 2008, episode of Great Day Houston.

Download the free “Clarity Creation Process Worksheet” featured on the show.

You Call That Coaching

you-call-that-coachingEpisode 1 of Mattison’s Xtranormal series on coaching can help you improve your coaching instantly by seeing what not to do. Watch now!


Seven Selling Essentials
Seven selling lessons that include practical learning assignments designed to immediately reduce your selling stress and improve your results. You’ll receive seven lessons over 14 days. $14.


Sheila Finkelstein of the “Treasure Your Life Now” blog interviews Mattison Grey and Jonathan Manske, authors of The Motivation Myth:

White Papers and Worksheets

All downloads listed below are provided in PDF format.

White Paper: Coaching for Curiosity
This paper explores the problem of bringing familiarity to your coaching conversations and discusses how to add curiosity to cure underperformance. $6.00
The Servant Entrepreneurship Model Free
This handout is from my Servant Entrepreneurship presentation. You’re welcome to look, but it may not make a lot of sense unless you’ve seen the presentation.
Clarity Creation Process Worksheet Free
Get this worksheet while it’s still free. This process helps you simply create clarity around what you REALLY want.
“Job Talk” Tip Sheet Free
People say silly things to others about their jobs. Here’s what to say and what not to say about someone’s job when you first meet them.
“8 Ways to Eliminate Late” Tip Sheet Free
Being late is downright disrespectful. Here are eight simple ideas to help you be on time.

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